Meet the rebel road fixers making Malaysia’s roads safer – ABC Radio National

road rebel.jpgMalaysia has some of the most dangerous roads in the world, but a ragtag group of vigilantes have been taking matters into their own hands.

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Malaysian artist facing prison for clowning around – BBC World Service – The Cultural Frontline


Malaysian artist Fahmi Reza has been charged with violating Malaysian media laws for depicting Prime Minister Najib Razak as a clown on social media. He explains why he thinks artists have a duty to tackle controversial subjects.


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Housekeeping #5 -Locked Out: Do prisoners have the right to vote? – Wheeler Centre Podcast


Back in 2007, Ken was really keen to vote in the Australian federal election. Ken was a swinging voter. But after 11 years of John Howard’s coalition government, he was excited to see change, and he wanted to see what the opposition could do in power.

The problem was, Ken couldn’t just go down to the local primary school on Election Day, because he was in prison. So instead, he told the guards that he was on the electoral roll and wanted to arrange a postal vote. It wasn’t anywhere near as easy as you’d think.

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Artist uses graphic novels to illustrate realities of Australian immigration detention – FSRN

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 5.32.12 pmStill and video cameras are not allowed inside these detention centers, however, as FSRN’s Jarni Blakkarly reports, one Sydney-based artist has found a way around the rules and is telling the stories of those in detention through graphic novels.


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