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Peril Magazine – Snehargho Ghosh

Peril Magazine – Snehargho Ghosh

There’s a little section later in the book where this disembodied voice tells us a kind of hallucinatory story about a bunch of feral dogs that are taught by a space-man to dig up the bones of massacred black-fellas and bring them to the doors of the town Councillors and the Mayor.

“The Mayor and the Councillors keep burying the bones and the dogs keep bringing them back, again and again. I sort of see myself and other artist like me like those dogs, who are bringing up the past and putting it in front of people’s faces.”

From rapper to spoken word poet and now to novelist, Omar Musa continues to defy expectations. When asked if he is trying to avoid being pinned down by genre, he tells Peril Magazine, “Yeah, a moving target is harder to hit. Also it’s just the arts are so diverse that it’s really exciting for me to experiment with form.”

His debut novel Here Comes The Dogs was published by Penguin and has received rave reviews and been reprinted after only a month. He talks gratefully about the privilege of a having a novel published and the pressures of sitting down to write it.

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