Massive pro-democracy protest in Malaysia; PM accused of misappropriating $700 million – Free Speech Radio Network

Photo - Jarni Blakkarly

Photo – Jarni Blakkarly

The soundtrack to the growing Malaysian pro-democracy movement is a song by a group of young Malay musicians, whose band is called Bandsart. Named after the inner Kuala Lumpur suburb where they grew up, Bangsar, the band’s members are all friends and activists who have been playing together for about four years.

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Yellow protesters unafraid calling for PM’s resignation – Al Jazeera

Photo - Jarni Blakkarly/Al Jazeera

Photo – Jarni Blakkarly/Al Jazeera

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Ignoring orders not to demonstrate and defying a ban on yellow T-shirts, thousands of protesters slept overnight in Independence Square demanding the prime minister’s resignation.

The mass protest – organised by a coalition of non-governmental organisations known as Bersih, or “Clean” – planned the two-day rally in the wake of damaging corruption allegations involving Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

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