Victorian Government investigates Royal Melbourne Hospital cancer billing deal – ABC 730


Exclusive by Jarni Blakkarly and Pat McGrath –

Victoria’s Health Department is investigating whether a patient-sharing deal between The Royal Melbourne Hospital and a private clinic headed by the hospital’s urology chief is in breach of Medicare billing rules.

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Malaysian artist facing prison for clowning around – BBC World Service – The Cultural Frontline


Malaysian artist Fahmi Reza has been charged with violating Malaysian media laws for depicting Prime Minister Najib Razak as a clown on social media. He explains why he thinks artists have a duty to tackle controversial subjects.


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Shadow of surveillance looms over Japan’s Muslims – The Japan Times

japanWhile millions around the world marked the end of the holy month of Ramadan last week, a cloud hung over celebrations in Japan. Muslims here say they feel they are constantly under the ever-watchful eyes of the police.

Otsuka Mosque in Tokyo usually hosts around a few dozen Muslims for morning prayers, but hundreds packed the small prayer rooms last Wednesday on Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that signals the end of Ramadan.

“We had to hold the prayers four separate times so all the people lining up could fit in,” explains Haroon Qureshi, secretary-general of the mosque’s Japan Islamic Trust organization. “There must have been 1,000 people waiting to pray.”

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Housekeeping #5 -Locked Out: Do prisoners have the right to vote? – Wheeler Centre Podcast


Back in 2007, Ken was really keen to vote in the Australian federal election. Ken was a swinging voter. But after 11 years of John Howard’s coalition government, he was excited to see change, and he wanted to see what the opposition could do in power.

The problem was, Ken couldn’t just go down to the local primary school on Election Day, because he was in prison. So instead, he told the guards that he was on the electoral roll and wanted to arrange a postal vote. It wasn’t anywhere near as easy as you’d think.

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Nauru’s detention centre: ‘Many of us think of suicide’ – Al Jazeera

nauru.jpgMelbourne, AustraliaNauru is a tiny, 34 square kilometre island of barren land in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Despite the palm trees and picturesque blue waters, the island, home to around 10,000 people, is far from a tropical paradise. 

The history of detention centres on Nauru is brief, but the island has been central to Australia’s asylum policies.

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Family demands answers over death of Villawood detainee Robert Peihopa – ABC 730


The family of a man who died in Villawood Detention Centre last month say they do not believe he died of a heart attack, as the Immigration Department said, and have accused the Department of covering up the circumstances surrounding the death.

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Artist uses graphic novels to illustrate realities of Australian immigration detention – FSRN

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 5.32.12 pmStill and video cameras are not allowed inside these detention centers, however, as FSRN’s Jarni Blakkarly reports, one Sydney-based artist has found a way around the rules and is telling the stories of those in detention through graphic novels.


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